Polaroids ©Jens Lennartsson

Why I would happily spend 3€ on every shot I take

Imagine every photo you shoot will set you back about 3€. I mean, every time you click the button it will cost you. It might not strike you as a huge amount of money but do a quick count; how many photos do you shoot every day – with your phone or your camera? And […]

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California, Highway One @Jens Lennartsson

4 pieces of gear that you think will make you a better travel photographer, but no.

Bam! Suddenly your salary or that big invoice is being payed out and the cash hits the bank account. You can buy everything that you’ve been wanting for the last month! Now you can finally become a better photographer, with the perfect lens you have been stalking since it came out. But before you run […]

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Travel photography according to Wes Anderson

I have had ”writing a screenplay” on my bucket-list for quite a while. And directing the actual movie, but let’s take it one step at a time… When someone asks me who my favorite photographer is, I get reminded of how little I know about other photographers and their work. For some reason, i don’t […]

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The ultimate step-by-step guide to selling your first travel photos

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel for a living? To be a roaming, world-traveling photographer? I do get a lot of questions about the first steps towards selling your pictures. The travel business is filled with aspiring photographers and it could seem almost impossible to get a foothold, if you don’t know how to do it. […]

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Balinesian Mask Maker. © Jens Lennartsson/The Zen Photographer

The Scared-Shitless Test

I recently read that whenever Pablo Picasso learned how to do something, he never did it again. He left it behind and continued on to learn something else. Not evolving is a creative’s worst enemy. A school photographer is not an artist. He is doing the same thing over and over without too much creativity. […]

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Yoga and wellness workshop in Ubud, Bali. © Jens Lennartsson

11 traits of extremely passionate travelers

There are tourists and there are travelers. And then there are travelers and travelers. When you’re on the road, you detach from your ordinary life – may it be temporary or indefinite. And there is a few qualities that all of my traveling friends possess. These qualities are what makes them utterly harmonic travelers.   […]

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A Zen Photographer’s Manifesto

For a long while – actually until I started to write on this blog and realized there were thousands likeminded – I thought that I was pretty much by myself. In a world of “better” and “better” cameras, no-one seemed to care about the essence of photography anymore. But then I realized that you DO exist, […]

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Dog waiting at road in Sri Lanka

6 things that SHOULD take photographers time to accomplish

I am not really sure when, but sometime during the last decade, we lost all sense of patience. We look at everyone else, at their happy, successful, wealthy lives and want the same. Now. But when you feel like that, you are forgetting one thing. If they really ARE happy with their successful lives (sometimes […]

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Quick tip: Tell a Story

I went to the island of Capri just past Italy’s Amalfi coast right before the full force of summer struck. The island was still pretty calm, at least when you got out of the center of Capri Town. My job was to capture all the elements of the island, but still make it feel like […]

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Quick tips: The Outskirts of the Town

Outside Pushkar, India, there are two small mountains. If you get to the top before sunrise you’ll have a beautiful view over the city as it awakens. One early morning, I joined two new-found friends from my guesthouse and climbed to the top. For hours we watched the colors change over the city’s skyline. I […]

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