New Higher Limit Area Adds Flair to Downtown’s El Cortez Casino

Downtown’s El Cortez lately opened a new higher limit room, and it adds a fresh burst of color to the classic casino.

A highlight of the new higher limit room is a wall-sized, eye-catching photo of the El Cortez neon sign.

El Cortez

El Cortez cleverly utilised an image that looks like neon, but with no the expense or difficulty. Because, frankly, neon is a huge pain in the ass.

The high limit space is next to the casino’s cage. The space formerly held higher limit slot machines, numerous of which we spent far more time with than our personal loved ones.

Also worth nothing at all in the new higher limit area is the fancy new El Cortez carpet.

The carpet was recently upgraded from 1 that (how do we place this delicately?) had been about awhile. About 13 years to be exact. Here’s the new carpeting.

El Cortez carpeting

It’s a myth casino carpets are designed to hold customers hunting up at slot machines. They are designed to camouflage stains although creating you really feel like you are hunting large game.

The earlier carpet was so nicely-recognized and beloved, the casino truly sold sections of it in the present shop. The supply of carpet pieces sold out rapidly. Only in Vegas!

At the moment, the modest high limit area has two blackjack tables and four slots.

It’s expected a baccarat table will be added soon.

There are 4 slot machines.

El Cortez

The slot selection in high limit is not expansive, but you only need to have one. Just be certain to pick the appropriate a single.

In the previous, El Cortez didn’t precisely scream “high roller,” but casino management has noticed much more interest in higher table limits, apparently.

Presently, the El Cortez high limit space tables have limited hours of operation, supplying blackjack on Fridays and Saturdays only. Guests can also reserve a table.

EL Cortez

No matter how significantly you’d like to, please do not make out with this wall.

El Cortez is one particular of our favorite locations to play downtown. The value is undeniable, and it’s on a shortlist of casinos that still have a throwback vibe.

Even though we had been at El Cortez, we stated goodbye to Naked City Pizza. The restaurant space has been walled off.

El Cortez

Naked City wasn’t just closed, it was erased.

El Cortez opened in 1941, and was the former stomping ground of casino legend Jackie Gaughan.

Yet another claim to fame (if you can get in touch with it that) for El Cortez is it was when owned by a gaggle of mobsters: Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Gus Greenbaum and Moe Sedway.

Moe Sedway later went on to invent two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation devices.

Now that we consider of it, “gaggle” may not be the greatest collective noun for a group of mobsters. Possibly a “family” of mobsters? Or much better however, a “whack” of mobsters?

El Cortez

We really like it and we hate almost everything.

El Cortez is a excellent jumping off point for the Fremont East entertainment district and quirky Downtown Container Park. It’s a two-minute stroll east from downtown’s Fremont Street Encounter.

Cheers to El Cortez for evolving, and for inspiring us to seriously think about placing up a wall-sized El Cortez sign in our residence. Let’s get these negative boys in the gift shop, already.

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