The Ultimate Rush

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Amazing Technologies’ Ultra Rush Gold combines a wealth of established features to supercharge a popular game

By Frank Legato

When designing new slot games, supplier Incredible Technologies has constantly banked on what has been verified productive with players prior to. Consider the “Money Catch Bonus” of the Crazy Income game loved ones, which has been reprised on a wealth of games in the ten years IT has been generating casino slots.

IT, which is one of the legendary amusement game suppliers as the creator of the Golden Tee Golf tavern game, has regularly followed the credo of repeating and augmenting these fun game functions in new games—as in its effective amusement game business, the new functions are ones that have currently proven popular with players.

Such is the case with It is newest game family members, Ultra Rush Gold.

This new series augments the well-known “hold-and-spin” game mechanic, a function that has been hot with players for the past a number of years and has been utilized by just about each main slot-maker. It uses the math of Ultra Rush, introduced two years ago on the company’s Skybox cabinet.

Ultra Rush was It’s first stab at a hold-and-spin feature, in which credit symbols remain in spot for a provided quantity of spins, collecting toward a large reward. Ultra Rush has been 1 of the manufacturer’s hit games over the previous year—which, for IT, signifies its major game function is most likely to be repeated and improved upon.

Caitlin Harte, It’s director of product advertising, says players have embraced the hold-and-spin style of bonus since of its simplicity. “A lot of the games have been so complicated more than the final couple of years, trying to innovate on best of each other with features,” she says. “There is anything so sticky about a feature that is so clear, with just credits on the reels. Now, since there are so a lot of different ones out in the industry, players are more educated on how it works… Players are a lot more open to it now that they’ve grow to be used to it.”

Ultra Rush Gold tends to make the Ultra Rush hold-and-spin feature the center of a game that offers just about every enjoyable bonus function you can envision. There’s a persistent collect feature that increases the likelihood of landing the bonus. There’s a wheel bonus that can lead to multiple progressive jackpots. There’s a cost-free-spin bonus with its own special attributes.

It’s what Harte calls a “perfect storm of components,” or a “kitchen sink” game—meaning it has every thing but the kitchen sink in there. “Ultra Rush Gold has a hold-and-spin, a persistent function to assist the player trigger the bonus, cost-free spins, progressives at any bet level, a player-selectable multi-denomination bet,” Harte says. “It has a lot of hot functions that are trendy appropriate now, in a mixture that really operates. It is definitely a great mixture of all those elements.”


The Ultra Gold Rush series is becoming launched with two sister games— Tiger Run and Mythical Phoenix. Each are five-reel, 30-line video slots on It is V55 and Infinity Summit cabinets. Each cabinet characteristics a 55- inch 4K video monitor that offers ample genuine estate for the wealth of features in this game series.

The game character—a golden tiger or a phoenix—is the principal difference amongst the two base games. Like the original Ultra Rush game, each and every base game awards eight cost-free spins for three scattered bonus trigger symbols. In the course of the cost-free games, all royal symbols are wild, and there are “nudging” wild symbols—wilds that land just above or below a spend line and nudge to the line, potentially forming a win.

The hold-and-spin Ultra Rush Bonus also is reprised, but with a new base-game feature that increases its frequency.

The purpose of the bonus is to collect scatter symbols more than 3 spins. Each symbol bears a credit amount, some increasing as high as many thousand credits. The function begins out with 3 spins on a particular set of reels. Every single time a scatter symbol lands, it remains in location and the number of available spins resets to three. If 3 spins occur with no added scatters, the feature ends with the player awarded the cumulative total of the credits displayed. If the complete 15-space grid is covered with the symbols, the player gets a bonus of $600 (on the penny version at max bet), in addition to the accumulated credits.

Usually, the Ultra Rush Bonus is triggered when six gold or white “orb” symbols land scattered on the reels. In Ultra Rush Gold, the main game consists of normal game symbols that are also orb symbols—they appear as an orb with the game symbol at the bottom. These symbols combine with other game symbols to form the typical line combinations, but they also lock in spot to count toward triggering the bonus, in a persistent function named “Gold Lock Spins.”

This persistent function mimics the principal hold-and-spin feature in a 3-spin sequence. Every time one lands in a paid game spin, it locks in location and lights up one particular of six blocks above each and every wagering button on the button panel, and the Gold Lock Spins return to three. These symbols count as scatter symbols toward triggering the bonus. So, if you gather, say, four orbs with Gold Lock Spins remaining, you only want two of the scatter symbols on the subsequent major-game spin to trigger the bonus.

The symbols, like the primary feature, all contain credit amounts on them. When you trigger the bonus, they shift to the proper of the bonus grid and display the credit amounts.

There are other twists added to the principal hold-and-spin bonus. In the course of the function, in addition to the scatter symbols bearing credit amounts, there are symbols labeled “wheel.” At the end of the function, every single of those symbols triggers a spin of the progressive wheel above the reels on the top screen. There are four awards on the wheel. There are static Mini and Minor jackpots of $10 and $50, respectively, plus two progressive jackpots—a Key resetting at $500 and the Grand, resetting at $10,000.

The progressives are obtainable at any bet level, such as the minimum 50-credit bet. After the major function ends, you get as a lot of spins on the progressive wheel as you’ve accumulated. That implies you can win numerous progressives on every single feature.

But there’s far more. Randomly in the course of the function, the tiger or phoenix character will come alive to give you a boost—more bonus spins, one more scatter, and so forth.

Ultra Rush Gold is 1 of the first IT games to consist of a playerselectable denomination. The player can choose in between penny, 2-cent, 5-cent and ten-cent denominations. According to Harte, it is attainable for operators to set every single denomination at a different payback percentage. She says most are following the classic practice of offering larger returns for higher denominations.

Ultra Rush Gold was released at the finish of 2020 into test banks at a handful of test areas, and tested at those places by means of the first quarter of 2021, “to prove itself prior to we release it in a nationwide rollout,” Harte says. As of press time, it was in the prime 10 games in market earnings reports. In other words, players have been flocking to the games, even given the restricted capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This game has a lot of functions players will be comfortable with, but it also takes what we’ve learned math-sensible about how to keep players interested,” Harte says. “Between the cost-free spins and the hold-and-spin bonuses, one thing is happening each 50 spins, which we located is a quite sweet spot.”

Adds Dan Whelan, It is vice president of item development and the lead designer of Ultra Rush Gold, “With each game we develop at Outstanding Technologies, we try to produce a new experience for players. Provided the accomplishment of the Ultra Rush brand on our Skybox cabinet, it only created sense to bring it to the V55 and Summit.

“The new encounter in the Gold versions that I designed are the gold locking scatters. The scatter characteristics along with big line wins through the wilds and a comparatively low entry bet makes for a fun expertise for any slot player.”

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