15 Wildly Useless Information About Casino Chips

We love casino chips! Here’s a hastily slapped-collectively collection of chip facts to stuff into your Vegas-hungry brain.

1. Chips are also called “checks” or “cheques.”

2. Nevada regulations say casino chips need to be 1.55 inches in diameter (for chips used in games other than baccarat). Baccarat chips can be 1.55 inches or 1.6875 inches.

three. Regulations demand Las Vegas casino chips to be .130 inch thick.

4. Gaming regulations also specify chips need to be “disk-shaped.”

casino chips

Imagine the shapes we’d see if round wasn’t mandated. And we know what you’re pondering. Please develop up.

five. Chips are created from sand, chalk and clay, comparable to the materials utilized in kitty litter.

six. One of the causes casino chips are employed is players gamble much more with chips than money. It’s not cash, it’s chips!

7. Every single casino’s chips have a unique style.

Strat new chips

Some of our preferred casino chips in Las Vegas.

eight. Chip colors represent the chip’s worth. Frequent colors are white ($1), red ($five), green ($25) and black ($100).

9. Chip denominations usually have nicknames primarily based upon their colour. A purple $500 chip is referred to as a “Barney.” Yellow chips, worth $1,000, are “bananas” or “canaries” or “bumblebees” (some casinos use orange, they’re “pumpkins”). A $five,000 chip is a “flag” (red, white and blue). “Melons” are worth $25,000. At Bellagio, they’re “cranberries.”

10. After a casino closes, consumers have 120 days to redeem their chips. Soon after that, they’re SOL.

11. Chip collectors grade the top quality of chips with these designations: New (N), Slightly Employed (SU), Typical (A), Well Used (WU), Poor (P), Canceled or Modified (Can/Mod) and Damaged (Dam).

Casino chip design

Casino chips sometimes serve as snark delivery devices.

12. Casino chip collecting falls beneath the category of “numismatics,” the study or collection of currency (coins, tokens, paper cash and related objects). To get even a lot more certain, chip collecting is considered “exonumia,” the area of numismatics that focuses on products that are not
legal tender.

13. In the late 1800s, larger worth chips were blue. That is where we get the term “blue chip stocks.”

14. One of the security measures used in casino chips is RFID technology. Embedded RFID tags (most typically utilised in higher worth chips) broadcast exclusive identifiers more than radio frequencies. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID tags enable casinos to preserve track of chips, monitor play and even thwart thieves. For example, when an asshat robbed Bellagio, his $1.five million in chips had been rendered worthless when the casino turned off the RFID chips.

15. Adding chips to your bet following an outcome (such as the ball landing in a pocket at roulette) is a method of cheating known as “capping.” Removing chips is known as “pinching.” It’s also recognized as “not very smart.”

Bonus chip trivia: A chip made renowned by the Game Show Network series “Catch 21” is referred to as the “Power Chip.” We ought to know. We had been on the show and won five grand.

Catch 21

Yes, that’s Carlton. No, we didn’t do the dance.

The advent of electronic games has eliminated chips in some games, but there’s nevertheless practically nothing really like the really feel of chips when you’re in the middle of an epic craps roll.

Roll to Win Craps Las Vegas

Craps with dice is like Kanye without Kim. Yes, we consume pop culture. It is not usually about Las Vegas, you know.

The sound of clicking chips is so intertwined with casinos, it just wouldn’t be the exact same without having them.

The COVID-19 crisis has inspired casinos to clean their chips a lot a lot more regularly, a practice that need to continue into the future as some had not cleaned their chips since the Carter administration.

When individuals feel of Las Vegas issues, casino chips are typically at the leading of the list. Appropriate right after stripper poles.

If you’re into casino paraphernalia, you’ll want to check out 11 Casino Dice Security Measures to Preserve Players From Cheating.

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