Classic Keno Lounge to Close at Four Queens Casino

The keno lounge at Four Queens isn’t fancy, but it is a fixture of downtown, and it’s going away.

The final day for the 4 Queens keno lounge is May possibly 31, 2021.

The closure was confirmed by lounge staff.

It is weird how you can miss some thing you never did there.

The lounge’s manager says they’re functioning on receiving the keno team into other positions at 4 Queens or its sister casino, Binion’s.

Keno lounges are increasingly rare in Las Vegas, as they do not make a lot of income and take up useful floor space greater used by offerings that generate a lot more income, normally slot machines.

Labor fees in keno rooms aren’t insignificant, either.

The keno lounge manager says 4 Queens has anything in the works for the space, just off the main casino floor near the safety desk, but wouldn’t share the plans just but.

In Vegas, even the items that by no means modify alter.

For several, memories of keno rooms are some of the fondest. Back in the day, keno “runners” would gather wagers in restaurants, but now we’re not aware of any Las Vegas casino
that has them.

Keno rooms face some of the very same challenges as poker rooms, several of which have also gone away. The pandemic created the situation even worse. About a third of all Las Vegas poker rooms have closed permanently in the final year.

Poker even went away at Binion’s, the original home of the Globe Series of Poker, despite the fact that it’s expected to return.

Whilst keno does not make a lot of cash for casinos, they’re an old-college amenity and players will have to seek out other options.

Downtown, there are keno rooms at The D, Fremont and Plaza.

If you thought we had been going to skip this opportunity, you do not know this weblog at all.

It’s worth mentioning the decline in keno rooms isn’t all sad. Reside keno has the worst odds in a casino, with a residence edge approaching a whopping 30 percent. By comparison, the residence edge in roulette is about five percent.

In a way, the closure of a keno room is saving novice gamblers from themselves.

Nonetheless, keno has usually sort of suited the 4 Queens brand, a spot for value-searching for visitors to kill some time whilst taking advantage of comped drinks.

Thanks to Patrick Q. for passing along this tip about the closure of the keno space at Four Queens.

When we hear what’s in store for the keno lounge space at 4 Queens, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, dibs on that epic stained glass sign or at least some vintage balls. Which, we should add, would make a fantastic band name.

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