Massive-Ass Slot Jackpots Kick-Begin Las Vegas Recovery

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority spends millions of dollars advertising Las Vegas, but lately, the town has been advertising itself with a flurry of massive slot jackpots.

Items kicked off with a $two.1 million jackpot on a Monopoly Millionaire machine at Cosmo, and the hits just maintain on coming.

The jackpot was $two,101,093.50, actually, but who’s counting?

There was an additional huge win at Venetian on a Wheel of Fortune machine for $2.9 million ($2,946,335.63, to be exact).

Roger is a noted physician or dentist or popcorn ceiling installer, probably.

But one more thoughts-boggling jackpot hit at The D a quick time later. The fortunate winner snagged $1.2 million (for posterity, $1,222,784.35) on a Buffalo Grand machine.

Please don’t write on slot machines. Somebody has to clean that up.

Just when the euphoria was about to subside momentarily, South Point dropped a bombshell.

Two words: Mega. Bucks.

Which, technically, is one particular word, but when you win ten-freaking-million, you can slice Megabucks up into as numerous pieces are your heart desires.

Cash can’t purchase you adore, but it can pay for a limo to the Bunny Ranch.

Whilst Vegas is no stranger to multi-million dollar slot jackpots, they do seem to be taking place with a much higher frequency just as Las Vegas is opening up again fully following a year of challenges associated to the pandemic.

So, why are these large jackpots hitting so often? We’re fairly confident it is connected to how a lot play the machines are obtaining.

There was a lot of pent-up demand for Vegas, and guests have come back in big numbers, fueled by a need to have to party, as nicely as stimulus checks, unemployment checks and tax refunds.

The far more play machines get, the more frequent the payouts. It’s the law.


When Megabucks hit, machines across Las Vegas reset to $ten million. Oh, like you’d turn that down.

No, in fact, it is sort of the law. Las Vegas casinos have to adhere to strict recommendations about slot machine payback minimums. (Machines cannot pay back significantly less than 75 %. The vast majority pay a lot much more, with some approaching 100 percent payback.)

Beyond the regulations, although, it feels like the machines are collaborating to spark excitement about Las Vegas at a essential time.

So, come get yours.

We appear forward to sharing our own million-dollar jackpot soon! Simply because, you know, great factors come in, well, fives.

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