Tuscany Gets a New Sports Book, Circa Sports

Tuscany Suites &amp Casino has a new sports book, and it has a familiar name: Circa Sports.

Circa Sports comes from the people at Circa Las Vegas, the new resort in downtown Las Vegas.

So, now, guests can location sports bets at Circa Sports at Tuscany.

Circa Sports

In spite of our ideal efforts, sports are still a issue in Las Vegas.

Yes, it is a small confusing, even to self-proclaimed sportsball authorities such as ourself, so we asked Circa owner Derek Stevens to supply the lowdown, or possibly the 4-1-1.

Why would Tuscany want a sports book with the name of a competing casino (sort of) in their casino? What’s in it for Tuscany?

“I’ll make this straightforward,” says Stevens. “There are two things that are in it for Tuscany. A) Rent. B) The truth we believe our solution is a bit differentiated from other sports books. What we conveyed to the owners was we think folks will go out of their way to go to a Circa Sports sportsbook. They believe by bringing in our sportsbook, it is going to draw far more buyers into their property.”

A single of the issues we like about Derek Stevens is he can clarify items so even we can realize it.

Derek Stevens Tuscany

Derek Stevens could get a big media turnout for the opening of a beer can.

This is the very first satellite place of Circa Sports in Las Vegas (even though the Circa Sports mobile app is available in Colorado).

Why Tuscany?

Derek Stevens says, “For a lot of people that may possibly not know, that may possibly not have Tuscany on their list to visit when they come to Vegas, this is a fairly hot spot. It’s got a huge quantity of volume from a sports betting perspective. A lot of it has to do with its place inside the property and the ease of access.”

Yet another issue we like about Derek Stevens is he’s adorable. Although we usually take pleasure in going to Tuscany, we possibly wouldn’t describe it as a “hot spot.”

Nonetheless, Stevens constantly appears to make smart company decisions, so we’ll just play along this time.

Circa Sports at Tuscany sits in the same space as the former sportsbook, but now the seating and TVs have been removed. Sports fans will have to watch games at the nearby Pub 365 restaurant and bar.

Stevens is not over-stating the “ease of access” element of Tuscany. Surface parking is handy and free of charge, creating a pay a visit to for a rapid bet a breeze.

Tuscany Las Vegas

We’re quite certain the casino carries Captain Morgan now, so we’re excellent.

Tuscany remains a solid value, and this feels like a excellent location for Circa Sports to test the waters with a satellite place.

Tuscany is positioned off The Strip, just east of 255 E. Flamingo Road, in between Ellis Island casino and Silver Sevens.

The Circa Sports sportsbook at Tuscany appears an odd partnership, but when it opened, it only took about a minute just before bettors started lining up, so we trust that’s a constructive sign for the new supplying.

Our previous forays into the world of sports betting, each of them, haven’t turned out particularly well. This, regardless of the reality we did many minutes of investigation involving asking a dude in the men’s restroom at The D (an additional Circa Sports location, along with Golden Gate) which teams we must wager on.

Seeing sports fans so giddy about a new sportsbook has inspired us to try once more, so let us know which teams we’re betting on for March Madness, what ever that may well really be.

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